How to find out from computer the public (!) IP4 address of router?


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Assume I connect from my Win7 computer to the router which in turn is connected to the Internet provider servers.

Now the inhouse LAN assigns the IP4s depending of the local DHCP-server. Ok.

But I am NOT interested in these IP4s but on the public IP4 address which is assigned to the router from the Internet provider.

Yes, this IP can be seen in the routers GUI.

But I wonder if this IP can be retrieved from the computer behind the router as well.

How can I find it out?

Again: I am not talking about the routers IP similar to but the outside IP.

If possible a web page URL of public info service or cmdline command in CmdPrompt is preferred.



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There are 100s of sites that will show you your public IP. You can even google "What is my IP?"