Outlook 2016 slow for no reason?


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Hello guys,

I've got a strange problem with Outlook 2016. I have a PC with 2 user accounts and 2 different Outlook-profiles. "User Account 1" has a normal/fast running Outlook while "User Account 2" has an extremely slow Outlook.

Things I already tried and looked for:

  • outlook safe mode -> still slow

  • disable all add-ins -> still slow

  • close all other programs -> still slow

  • delete mails/calendars/contacts -> still slow

  • online/offline mode -> both slow

  • repair pst-files -->there are only ost-files and most of them are new created.

  • disable gpu accleration -> still slow

  • also found this tutorial for slow running outlook but it didn't work
    > GOOGLE "poor outlook 2016 performance blog"

  • repair office -> still slow
i really hope someone has a solution for this. i'm running out of ideas.

OS: Windows 7 , 32-bit

Have a nice day!


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Have you tried creating a new email profile for the second account?
Are they the same type of mail box and provider Ex pop3/imap and say gmail?