1. R

    OneDrive issue

    I unlinked my OneDrive account and this called trouble. After unlinking, MS Outlook doesn't start, I can't even check my emails. The only option was to purchase a monthly plan for storage in Onedrive. It seems choosing Office 365 was my biggest mistake in the first place...
  2. 1

    Windows 10 can NOT connect to LIVE/OUTLOOK/HOTMAIL in any browser

    I have tried my damndest to get a burner email that will integrate into the thunderbird client also the first port of call was outlook which I already have a 15-year-old email with, I did not want to give this out, Thunderbird connects fine BUT I do get the odd occasion where it cant, I've...
  3. ravensmith

    How can I recover emails from offline MS Outlook data?

    Microsoft Outlook unable to access my offline mailboxes data due to some error with OST file. How can I recover my emails? Help!
  4. S

    Windows 7 Outlook 2016 slow for no reason?

    Hello guys, I've got a strange problem with Outlook 2016. I have a PC with 2 user accounts and 2 different Outlook-profiles. "User Account 1" has a normal/fast running Outlook while "User Account 2" has an extremely slow Outlook. Things I already tried and looked for: outlook safe mode ->...
  5. I

    Windows 7 Delete emails in Outlook for the visually impaired

    Hello, I have recently set up Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 as an IMAP client for my blind customer's yahoo email account. She has a screen reader installed on her PC called Jaws. We've set it up and tested sending and receiving email and it seems to be working really well, with one exception...
  6. Q

    Synchornize "This computer only" folders

    While moving some folders from a loca .pst to an imap account, Outlook suffixed "This computer only" on almost each folder. I've no idea why this is happening. I'm sure I have enough space on the e-mail server and there aren't any restrictions in this respect. Do you have any suggestions as to...
  7. stonefox

    Windows 7 Outlook 2013 - three time connect to same profil

    Outlook 2013 - Danish. Is starting to configure Outlook 2013 and finally get outlook to accept .pst files after I moved them to another location on the hard disk. I created 2 profiles 1: my mailbox 2: my wife's mailbox Unfortunately, I now have the problem that every time the outlook to...
  8. J

    Windows 10 Outlook 2010 email links will not open in Chrome

    I upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10 about a month ago and I use Outlook 2010 with Google Chrome as my default browser and this was working fine. When I clicked on an email link in Outlook, it opened in Chrome automatically. However, I noticed there was a small Windows update just a few...
  9. K

    Windows 8 Office 2010 - Loosing Outlook

    Hi. I've just uploaded Windows 10 and when I accessed my 2010 Outlook bigpond accounts I couldn't find any saved folders or contacts, only emails in my In Box. Are they some where in the outersphere...?!
  10. Ron Binmore

    Windows 10 Outlook accounts problem

    I swapped over to Windows 10, lost Hotmail which has become Outlook and have a problem. Both my wife and I use the same computer. she has her account and I have mine. The problem is, every time she tries to access Outlook, the computer goes straight to my account and I cannot find any way of...
  11. RodgerHall

    Why do emails disappear when Outlook open 2?

    We are using Outlook 2003 non cached mode running on exchange 2003. I have recently had 3 users who have had there profile setup on a PC at a new location while still having an active profile on there old PC we do this because we do not have roaming profiles. When they had there e-mail open on...
  12. E

    Outlook pst file corrupted

    hello experts, here im using Microsoft outlook for mails while i am formatting my system i took a backup (.pst) file and now after configuration now while i import .pst file to my outlook it says an Error report (Given Outlook.pst is not a personal folders file) i used third party software to...
  13. How to Find & Sort Calendar items by size in Outlook

    How to Find & Sort Calendar items by size in Outlook

    Microsoft Outlook is an most popular email client server that provides some inbuilt features that helps users to find & sort calendar items by size.