Windows 10 Outlook 2010 email links will not open in Chrome


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Jun 8, 2012
I upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10 about a month ago and I use Outlook 2010 with Google Chrome as my default browser and this was working fine. When I clicked on an email link in Outlook, it opened in Chrome automatically.

However, I noticed there was a small Windows update just a few days ago, around 2/9, and since then when I click on an email link in Outlook 2010, I keep getting the "How do you want to open this?" popup with a list of programs to choose.

The problem is more complicated though because 1) Chrome is already set as my default browser; and 2) Chrome is not even included in the list of programs to choose. The choose program popup only offers Edge, IE, & Firefox.

One other unusual note, I noticed under Settings > System > Default apps > Web browser, it displays Google Chrome, but it shows it with the IE icon.

Any suggestions how to just get this back to opening links with Chrome?

Is there an option to search for additional programs when you get the window asking how you want to open the links?
That's usually the case.

You might need to uninstall and reinstall Chrome if it's getting mixed up with Edge somehow.

Look in Outlook settings and see if there is a place to select what app it wants to use to open internet links.

I haven't used Outlook in so long I have no idea anymore what options are available.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply. In the "How do you want to open this?" popup, there is not an option to browse your pc for another program. It is forcing you to choose from the few programs it lists.

I know in previous versions of Windows, there was always an option to browse your pc, but it's not there anymore. In Outlooke, you can choose what editor you want to edit email, but I don't see anything there about opening links in a browser.
You can do it from the control panel.
  • Press (Windows Key + x)
  • Select "Control Panel"
  • Click on "Default Programs"
  • Click on "Associate a file type or protocol with a program"
  • Scroll down to Protocols
  • Change HTTP and HTTPS to chrome
Have a look here, Mike, at the windows 10 settings path
Settings -System - Default Apps

Down at the bottom "Choose default applications by protocol"
Hi Dave.

I did go and check it out after reading Neemobeer's post, but I had never seen that page prior to that.

But it's like I said, Windows 10 is so complex that I constantly find new options and features that I haven't seen before.

It' like a never ending quest to figure it all out.

It is often referred to (by MS) as being " intuitive". Could have fooled me. I have worked with every OS they produced. This is the first one I where I have found a need to hunt around. Even now, for expediency, I right click and go straight to the Control panel if I need to check a setting.

Maybe it is just "old habits die hard". (like me!)
I guess we must always keep, in our minds, the way this technology is moving - It's all about "touch"
Hi Dave

I feel the same way, I started with Windows 3.1, and even more than 8 I find it hard to get to what I want to find.
Some things are easy, I like the fact that they have added Command Prompt, Device and Disk Manager etc. to the right click menu from the Start Button.

Some other things though just seem really hard to get to.

I go to the System window and I wonder, where do I go to uninstall something?
So I have to type in "Uninstall" to find out where to go.

It's not a big deal but it's still strange after all these years.

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