Windows 10 can NOT connect to LIVE/OUTLOOK/HOTMAIL in any browser


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I have tried my damndest to get a burner email that will integrate into the thunderbird client
also the first port of call was outlook which I already have a 15-year-old email with, I did not want to give this out, Thunderbird connects fine BUT I do get the odd occasion where it cant,

I've tried my ISP DNS, all other DNS, NordVPN in UK and US - no joy
almost as if they don't exist!

tried Vivaldi, Firefox and Chrome all in safe modes too and still no joy..

can anyone explain this issue to me and perhaps provide a burner email solution that DOESNT want your phone number (GMAIL) that integrates into thunderbird as a 2nd account

thank in advance

Window 10 Pro 20H2 / 14GB RAM 1600Mhz / GTX 650 / Samsoung 840 EVO

There shouldn't be any trick or special process to setting up any mail service. Most if not all of them will require either a phone # or secondary email for password recovery.