1. 1

    Windows 10 can NOT connect to LIVE/OUTLOOK/HOTMAIL in any browser

    I have tried my damndest to get a burner email that will integrate into the thunderbird client also the first port of call was outlook which I already have a 15-year-old email with, I did not want to give this out, Thunderbird connects fine BUT I do get the odd occasion where it cant, I've...
  2. Ron Binmore

    Windows 10 Outlook accounts problem

    I swapped over to Windows 10, lost Hotmail which has become Outlook and have a problem. Both my wife and I use the same computer. she has her account and I have mine. The problem is, every time she tries to access Outlook, the computer goes straight to my account and I cannot find any way of...
  3. Ron Binmore

    Windows 10 Where are my Hotmail e-mails?

    All my Hotmail e-mails have disappeared. I have tried logging in using my Hotmail email address and password but cannot get anything at all except Microsoft this and that. I starting to get a bit peeved with Windows 10, it's messed up all my accounts and finally done away with all my emails past...