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    Windows 10 can NOT connect to LIVE/OUTLOOK/HOTMAIL in any browser

    I have tried my damndest to get a burner email that will integrate into the thunderbird client also the first port of call was outlook which I already have a 15-year-old email with, I did not want to give this out, Thunderbird connects fine BUT I do get the odd occasion where it cant, I've...
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    Windows 7 Streaming HDCP

    I have an HEVC box that I'm trying to get up and running for streaming windows HDMI output. so far i have the analog working on my black magic video card yet i cannot get the HDMI input to work. The PC recognizes the video card and creates an output I have also configured to settings of the...
  3. SkyDrive and Live Mesh Introduction

    SkyDrive and Live Mesh Introduction

    In this video presentation, I take a look at two distinct, but uniquely linked Microsoft Cloud Computing services: SkyDrive and Live Mesh. This video serves as a quick look at the two services and what they offer, without getting heavily entrenched in long explanations of how the service itself...