Downgrade from Win10 to Win7 on HP Z820 RAID10 array - Advice/Help needed


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I am new to this forum, and need help with my workstation. I have an HP Z820 Workstation that came with Windows 7. I think it is set up with an SAS boot drive and 4x1TB in RAID10 array. At least that is what I think the setup is. I have it hooked up to a digital camera for a school project.

A while back, I was upgraded to Windows 10 and now my setup does not work (no drivers for Win10). I can't recall if I allowed the upgrade, or initiated it, or what. Whatever the case, I need to go back to Win7.

I have the System Recovery disks, and ready to reinstall Win7. Will I have issues with the RAID array? I am hoping not, since there was no issue when the OS went to Win10. But this will be a fresh install, and I have not done this type of OS install with this type of drive setup.

I just want to make sure I don't mess things up.

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If this was an upgrade within a month you should be able to roll back to Windows 7, if not a clean install will be required. If this is a hardware raid which is not the default case with the Z### series it would work just fine. I believe these software raids should get detected as the single raid device in Windows. Once you load up the installer it should be easy to determine. Since it's a RAID 10 Windows should detect it as a single 2TB device. If it doesn't you may need an additional driver from HP.


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More than a month. I did a clean install, and it worked out fine. Thank you!
The RAID array was still intact, data still there (I backed it up prior to downgrade). Now I just have to install all the drivers and I'm good to go!