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win 10

  1. J

    Windows 10 Issues upgrading to Windows 10 - Solved

    I am finally upgrading the expired windows 8.1 to 10. But while facing a lot of issues. I am not looking for a solution. I just want assistants to find or create logs of the bootup. Please find below full details on the work done so far over the past few days with failure. Clean install works...
  2. J

    Copying files from laptop without password

    Hi, I'm moving to a new job & I need to return my old work laptop which administrator removed my access to it. So when I select my account it rejects my password. Laptop is still on but I cannot login. It has bitlocker that's why I didn't want to restart it in case that code got changed too...
  3. H

    Windows 10 Desktop windows breaking down

    Hello, I have the problem that, usually during screensharing while online presentations, all open desktop windows start bugging out and Windows just stops responding. All problems that I could find on Google talk about freezing windows, but they do not freeze. They start turning gray and jumping...
  4. hundayyova

    Windows 11 How do I add custom fonts to Google Docs?

    How to add a font to Google Docs Go to docs. new and start or open your document. Click “More Fonts” in the top toolbar — this will prompt a pop-up window to appear. Click on “More fonts” when you open the drop-down menu. … Select any other fonts you want from the left column, then click “Ok”...
  5. anjilalova

    Windows 11 How can I tell the font a Microsoft Word document is written in?

    If you are viewing a document in a word processor, highlight the text and look in the toolbar at the font option. It should display what font is used in the highlighted text.
  6. Agna E A

    Windows 10 Security assurances of bit locker auto-unlock feature

    We are working based on a project requirement to use Bitlocker Auto-Unlock feature in a FIPS-GPO-enabled environment. Unlocking the bitlocked devices with passwords, in a FIPS-enabled environment will make them write-protected. Using a recovery key or a recovery password does not opt for our...
  7. nathanricker01

    Windows 10 Windows 10 freezing problem

    Hello all, I am using DELL E7450 laptop, Windows 10 Pro, version of 21H2, with 8 GB of RAM recently has been slow to perform the command, i.e. freezes when I click on something...sometimes it will remain that way and I have to reboot; it happens with a site link, a file, something within a...
  8. ste20man

    Windows 11 Back to basics

    Hi. I used to have win 10 and updated to 11. Everything's great. I want to wipe out back to standard Windows 10. A complete clean so that i can sell it. How do i do that? If i wipe everything will there still be a Windows 10 operating system on there? My laptop is a surface laptop 2 and i...
  9. F

    Windows 10 Problem with Windows feature

    so I want to enable some windows feature in control panel, but I kept getting error 0x80070002. anyone can tell me why it happen and how to fix it?
  10. F

    Windows 10 My windows is having a problemthat i find difficult to describe.

    I use google toolkit to translate different documents like subtitles and one day I was in the middle of translating a line when it started to shut me out of editing it. After pressing Ctrl or windows key it's ok for a few seconds and then it shuts me out again. This applies to the rest of the...
  11. K

    Windows 10 windows 10

    I have installed Avast while I disabled Avira. Now Avast is on system and I am logged in as Admin in order to uninstall Avira. Unfortunately, Avira will not let me uninstall saying I need permission from Admin. Can someone give me a clue as to how to get this off my system... Help asap...
  12. G

    Windows 10 language change problem win 10

    Hi, You are my last hope to solve my problem. I need to change my system language to English, but after an update to 1803 the language icon has disappeared from the control panel. But the biggest issue appears when there are no languages under the "+" button in language and region tab in system...
  13. E

    Windows 10 I've got this problem and not sure what to do

    So i got this problem,and it's only leave me with those picture and black screen, i cant press anything and i cant click anything,so i wonder what i have to do to fix this issue
  14. KPDON

    Windows 10 Apply Visual Styles/Themes on Windows 10

    Credit for Video: ZealPlex Steps 1.Download uxstyle and install it -- www.uxstyle.com 2.Find a theme you like NOTE: MAKE SURE YOUR THEME IS MADE FOR THE VERSION YOU HAVE OR IF YOU GET IT FOR SOME OTHER VERSION, IT WILL BREAK YOUR SYSTEM! 3. Drag the theme's windows theme file and the folder...
  15. Ling1201

    Windows 10 for ARM : GetNativeSystemInfo returns wrong wProcessorArchitecture

    I need to detect the ProcessorArchitecture in UWP to figure out if it is run in ARM platform to do some function filter. So I tried to use Pinvoke to call GetNativeSystemInfo api (Desktop application) and run it in windows 10 for ARM. It returns wrong wProcessorArchitecture as...
  16. Saraghtera

    Windows 10 WIN 10 Microsoft's applications crashing, Start menu and available wifis

    Hello Firstly I'm going to say that I'm familiar with the win 10 start menu problems and I've fixed them before. The fix now just does not work. Also this problem is a multiparter with start menu being just one area affected. Getting down to business: A week ago Microsoft's products started...
  17. Patrisious

    Windows 10 BSOD system_service_exception (netio.sys)

    Hey! as the title states I have a problem which is the infamous BSOD and i get with no noticeable pattern :/ most of the time it is system_service_exception (netio.sys) but few times it comes up as Kmode_exception_not_handles(netio.sys) or page fault in nonpaged area ... i ran full memtest86 and...
  18. freevet

    Windows 10 100% CPU load

    Hey! This is my first time posting on the forum, thank you for visiting the post! CPU: i7-4770 3.40GHz OS: Windows 10 Home So, I have this issue on my computer with the task manager always showing CPU usage at 100%. I have attached the screenshots, but I do not think they are going to be of...
  19. C

    Windows 10 Installation Windows 10 from boot

    Recently I went to install windows 10 again on my laptop via pen drive, I'd done it before. When I tried to do it this time it copies the files across then reboots, after its rebooted it takes me back to the option to copy files across again, I have already formatted my hard drive but currently...
  20. Garex Tasmin

    Mouse Troubles.

    So, I have a Gamdias Ourea Laser USB mouse and while for the most part, it works, but sometimes the mouse cursor will migrate to the upper left corner of the screen and stop responding to inputs when I move the mouse. It still accepts the button inputs and whatever program I am using is still...