Windows 11 Back to basics


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Dec 3, 2021
Hi. I used to have win 10 and updated to 11. Everything's great. I want to wipe out back to standard Windows 10. A complete clean so that i can sell it.

How do i do that?

If i wipe everything will there still be a Windows 10 operating system on there?

My laptop is a surface laptop 2 and i think the thing came with the win 10 ós pre loaded.

There is no win 10 disk or drive for that matter.

If i format it to clean it will win 10 still remain?

A bit worried!

Thnx, ste.

you are prob screwed because the W11 update will have wiped the old drive format

yes you can just download and install a copy of W10 from the Microsoft server and that will detect your legit key but the other 3rd party software and apps that this device came preinstalled with are going to be hard to setup... if you can find copies on the makers website then thats normally your best bet

so yes your laptop came with W10 pre loaded and a format will wipe all data on the drive

tip; what I do with every laptop is replace the harddrive with a new one then install Windows again on the new drive while the old drive goes into a desk as my backup... that way I can always reset my laptops by replacing the old drives

p.s, imo you may as well sell it as is with W11 now

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I haven't bought new for quite a while, but, whenever I did, the computer always came with the original dvd for a reinstall?