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  1. R

    Windows 11 Numeric Keys Not Working After Fresh Installation Of Win 11

    Numeric Keys Not Working After Fresh Installation Of Win 11... tried lots of tips and tricks from YouTube anyone facing same issue on Windows 11
  2. louishoway

    Windows 10 Do graphic designers use Google Fonts for print works?

    Google Fonts make it quicker and easier for everyone to use web fonts, including professional designers and developers. All of the fonts are Open Source, which mean you can use them in every way you want, privately or commercially — in print, on your computer, or in your websites. Font Sonic
  3. LuWii

    Windows 11 unable to get new updates on win 11

    all i get is this , no loading whatsoever, just this pause sign with nothing else img:
  4. hamza677

    Windows 11 My theme is Not working on win 11

    I recently open fragranceshop online and I use Astra theme it was working fine on win 10 but since I Updated to win 11 some errors are coming like product pic is not uploading say win error it was working fine on win 10 so what is the solution for this?
  5. kidspointdotin

    Windows 11 How to Disable Startup Sound in Windows 11

    I dont want starting sound in win11. How to Disable Startup Sound in Windows 11?? Plz Share Any Tips or Guide...
  6. kidspointdotin

    Windows 11 Share your Windows 11 Desktop Wallpaper - I want some Ideas ...

    Can U share your Share your Windows 11 desktop Wallpaper ??
  7. Zack12

    Transfer large amount of files

    I have about 3 million files and folders sized (240G) on a local PC . Once the main job is synced only a thousand or so files change every day. What I am trying to do is to sync the entire contents to a webhost via ftp and keep it updated as the files change on my local PC. So what I need , is...
  8. ste20man

    Windows 11 Back to basics

    Hi. I used to have win 10 and updated to 11. Everything's great. I want to wipe out back to standard Windows 10. A complete clean so that i can sell it. How do i do that? If i wipe everything will there still be a Windows 10 operating system on there? My laptop is a surface laptop 2 and i...
  9. ari2004

    Windows 11 Windows 11 : Windows Update not working

    Please guys can u help me.....?
  10. jack8955

    Windows 11 How we can instal windows 11

    HEllo We love the intro of windows 11, and we can not wait to install right away in our LBC tracking system Send us iso file.
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