win 10

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    Several BSODs

    Ever since updating to Windows 10 I have had several BSODs (at least one a day most of the time if not more) except for a few week period a couple weeks ago. There is no pattern to the crashes (I've had them happen when I'm on the Internet, when I open up my computer, when I click to open a...
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    application interaction and usability in winX

    Hello everyone. In win8.1 there was a consistent concept on how to interact with a running application on the OS level. How does the corresponding actions look like in winX nowadays? What is the new logic behind the actual version of Windows respecting these subjects? Appreciate any information
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    unable to access syslogon folder on DC from windows 10 worgroup pc

    Hope someone can help me I have Windows 2003 server and domain control at home. Which has been working fine for years? All of my laptops/pc has been able to connect to it in the most part as they are joined to my AD. I however I got a new laptop a month ok which had windows 8.1 home installed...
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    How to replace Winlogon Shell

    Hello, i used to replace the explorer.exe from the registrykey "winlogon" with my own startup .EXE . This worked like a charm for Win XP and later on for Win 7 (had to deactivate UAC for it to work on Win7). Now on Windows 10 i cannot get it to work at all. As usual i replaced the regkey...