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I want to put windows 10 on my dell laptop I have wiped the drive with dban so I only have mac computers to use now.

I have a hdd that I can put files on and an usb that I also can put files on but when I use a usb it says missing operating system and when I use my hdd it just is a blank screen and when I push any key it just beeps.


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On your second comment; it is not possible to boot Windows10 from an external usb drive!:noway: That's why it fails. It must be an internally connected hard drive directly connected to ports on the Main processor board or Motherboard. If it's a laptop, most of them only have one internal drive and that's the drive that needs to be installed with W10 as per holdum's post #2 above using the MCT tool. If you used DBAN to low-level format your Dell laptop drive, you can still install W10 using the MCT tool. If that doesn't work, your hard drive might be faulty. What version of Windows did it have on it when you first purchased the laptop?

You can download the free SEATOOLS drive diagnostic from Seagate - Storing the world’s digital content | Seagate and test your laptop drive with either a DVD disc or USB stick created on another working computer with a modern version of Windows on it (Win7x/8x). Ensure you run BOTH short and long tests on the drive you want to test for use with W10; if SEATOOLS returns any errors, your hard drive is faulty and must be replaced! :waah: Replacement hard drives are available everywhere such as ebay, amazon, and newegg for $30-$100 US.

Lastly, wiping your hard drive with DBAN is a pretty drastic step to takeo_O, and sometimes you may need to use a Linux tool such as GPartED to format your hard drive with NTFS with the Boot Flag. Since you are using DBAN, a Linux tool, you are either familiar with Linux or someone recommended it to you. In either case, certain drives (especially laptop drives that are 5 years old or more) may have a problem after you DBAN them. In that case, you have to prep them with at least some kind of formatting otherwise the MCT tool may not work. You can download the GPartED program separate, but it is included in the UBCD diagnostic disc from for free. You may need help to create this disc; or you can borrow one from your local computer repair shop.

So you know, it's not necessary to use a tool like DBAN to wipe a drive prior to reinstalling a newer version of Windows. The MCT tool will overwrite all information that was on there from the factory or anything you added such as programs and data files. Unless you had EXTREMEMLY sensitive personal information such as personal or business Tax Returns, or the like, that's not a normal precaution to take.

Best of luck,:encouragement: