1. edgeleaks

    Edge Coming to Other Platforms?

    Found in the latest edge leak based on Chromium
  2. P

    Windows 10 Windows 10 Suspended at login

    I am running Windows 10 on a Mac with Parallels. After I completed this installation, I rebooted my computer and launched Windows 10. After the startup page loaded, I was greeted with a "suspended" screen. When I proceeded, the next message asked me to enter my old password, and reset my...
  3. P

    Windows 7 Back from Vacation... And all network activity suddenly blocked?

    Hello all, I am posting this in hope to find an answer to what I find really strange. So I came back from vacation and wanted to check my mails on my Computer. Windows 7 Ultimate booted like usual, but when I tried to access the Internet, I was instantly met with a "No Internet connection"...
  4. Payson

    Windows 10 MAC and WINDOWS 10

    I want to put windows 10 on my dell laptop I have wiped the drive with dban so I only have mac computers to use now. I have a hdd that I can put files on and an usb that I also can put files on but when I use a usb it says missing operating system and when I use my hdd it just is a blank...
  5. Z

    Skinning Windows 10

    Hi. I recently transferred for OS X to Windows for the wider range of software available. I have since been trying to skin Windows to look like OS X El Capitan but there is one thing I am struggling with. How do I make the regular Windows 10 corner buttons (minimize, maximize, close) look like...
  6. sigmadog

    Windows 10 Potential Mac switch to W10 issues?

    Hi! I'm a longtime Mac user (since 1992) who is increasingly concerned that Apple's emphasis on iGadgets, form over function hardware, and an ever more simplified OS (making OSX more and more IOS-like) is going to make it harder and more expensive for me to continue using Macs in my work as a...
  7. J

    Windows 10 File Explorer Possibility

    Hello everyone, So I a fairly new to windows, coming from mac, and I think windows is brilliant. However, one of the things that I loved with macs/osx was the finder. When in finder (mac's file explorer), when you click in a folder, it will reveal its contents on the side to its right, linking...
  8. elaypro

    Windows 10 Windows 8 Setup Screen Remains Empty?

    I'm trying to install Windows 8.1 from a CD i bought on my iMac Mid-2014 El Capitan OS X via Bootcamp. I also later want to upgrade to Windows 10. I went through the Bootcamp Assistant partition setup easily but when Windows 8.1 starts up and I get to the "Where do you want to install Windows?"...
  9. Buying a New Computer

    Buying a New Computer

    How many people have actually documented the REAL purchase, sale, and set up of a new computing rig? What are the challenges for someone who knows NOTHING about computer hardware? What is the thought process that goes into buying either a PC or a Mac? What are the networking considerations? That...