Windows 10 locked out of the app store

Hello all
just bought a laptop with windows 10 installed. However I forgot my password for the appstore a few days back and went through the process of getting a new password - but have not yet got one. The web page displayed a message saying it will take a few days while they verify my account. But I have not heard back from them as yet. So locked out of the app store. who do I contact, what do I do ?
Check your inbox and make sure you're checking the right one. When you mention the app store, I'm assuming you're talking about the "Windows Store" app. If this is the case, you need to make sure you are logging in with your Microsoft account, when logging into Windows, and much of these problems will be solved, as the two are linked. Any luck with this?
Which "web page" are you referring to?
Normal way to change your (Microsoft) password is through Settings - Accounts - sign in options. I go through this periodically, for security, and have never (yet!) had a delay. My security check comes through immediately.