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I have twice started with a clean install of win 7 and all drivers and MS updates. Then I upgraded to win 10 and the whole download and install appears to work without error. When it finally comes up and asks for the user to login, it accepts the password and when I finally press enter, it just sits there forever. If I press enter a few more times, it just reboots and gets hung at the same place. Can't do anything but reboot and get stuck over and over.

Additional info:
Win 7 was successfully activated
There is no indication of an error anytime during the win 10 update.
I am going to try everything one more time WITHOUT a password this time.

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We will see what your next try will do.

Some things that may help:
- make sure that W7 is as standard as possible
+ when directories / libraries as Document, Download, Pictures... are set to point to a different locations, put them back to the standard locations
+ make sure all W7 updates are installed
+ remove for the time of the upgrade additional disks.
- disable for the time of the upgrade your AV, but WIndows defender won't heart...
- make sure you have sufficient diskspace

We keep our fingers crossed
Thanks, I have done everything you mentioned except for disabling the AV. This next try is a clean win 7, no extra disks, all standard locs for folders, it will take all day to install the 200 or so updates and I won't even install the AV this time.
Make, as soon as W7 installation is completed, a system copy and a repair disk, with those at hand you can easily go back.

What are the specs of this PC or what is the type number?
I would try booting into safe mode and see if you can get past the login screen. AV can certainly cause an issue like this. Typical scenario would be the AV is locking up the NTUSER.DAT file during login. If you can get into safe mode you may want to try creating a temp account and see if you can log in that account.
It is an HP Compaql elite 8000 small form factor 32bit system. 4GB Mem, 1TB Hard disk.

I have not been able to enter safe mode once it starts the boot - lock up cycle.

Yes, good idea, I will make a set of recovery media so I don't have to wade through all the updates again.
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Hi Picky,

We call that a "boot-loop" in our biz. You need to interrupt the bootup prior to it attempting to boot into W10 (or W7) using the <F10> key on your keyboard. This should be done as soon as you see the Compaq or HP-Compaq logo immediately after you power-on your PC. (We call this screen with the manufacturer's logo the "splash-screen").

If you can't do that, it's quite possible you have faulty hardware and will either need to test it yourself, or take it to a licensed computer tech at your local repair shop. If you wish to test it yourself, have a look at this post here:
Windows 10 stuck at 32% upgrade
Specifically, have a look at my POST #28, on the 2nd page of posts, I describe some things you can attempt before you take it to a professional Tech. ;)

Bear in mind, that if you CANNOT get into your PCs BIOS, then your Motherboard or Hard Drive, or even your keyboard may have surrepititiously failed and each or all must be replaced!! :waah:

Best of luck to you,
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That is great information bigbearjedi, thans!

Already ran the mem test and the 1TB hard drive is only about 6-months old, but I'll run a good disk test too. I'm going to run the compatibility test right now..
What format is your hard drive in. Is it GPT or MBR. You might want to check and see if you burned your ISO in the right format. I know I had some problems with that months ago.

Have you tried booting into your computer with everything possible unplugged?
I'd even unplug the mouse if you can, and only leave the keyboard, if it still doesn't help unplug the keyboard and plug it back in.

Have you tried to use, Control Alt Delete when stuck at the screen?

@Sonny: that's helpful, but are you talking about the W7 boot media or W10? From OP's post it doesn't yet appear that she has attempted a W10 Clean Install only the upgrade. That certainly might be worth trying your suggestion down the line, however, it's very concerning that she cannot access her BIOS, and could indicate serious hardware failure. If that's the case, she may not be able to reinstall W7 or W10 Clean Install if her hardware has failed (per Post #8, OP indicates MEMTEST & SEATOOLS passed), however that still leaves the Mobo! :skull: A further failure to install from W7 MBR boot media or W10 boot media would likely be a further confirmation of this problem.


This sounds like it's just getting to a point where something isn't loading, since it has happened twice it must be something that Windows 7 is bringing along.

There is a way to directly install Windows 10 without going the upgrade path but you will have to have Windows 7 installed and running to do it.

I haven't tried this myself but everything that I've tried from this source for years has always worked.

Since you are going to have to reinstall Windows 7 anyway you could try this after making a System Image so you don't have to go through the process of reinstalling Windows 7 again it things go wrong.

Clean Install Windows 10 Directly without having to Upgrade First

Make sure you are updating to the appropriate version Home Pro etc. and that you are doing the 32 bit version.

This should get you into a clean copy of Windows 10.
Make sure you set up a Microsoft Account once you have it installed it doesn't work the way Windows 7 did.

One you have it activated you can always reinstall and log in using your Microsoft account.


PS. Get Windows 10 ISO here by downloading the "Media Creation Tool".

Windows 10
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If trying to upgrade to Windows 10 you just have to make sure to get the format that matches the hard drive. One other thing I did was to delete the boot files from my ISO that didn't match my hard drive format before upgrading. Worked like a charm.
Hi Thought I would add my 2 cents! I may be way off base, but wondering if the OP can get to advanced recovery mode.
Here's link from Shawn Brink. Option # 6 looks like a way that might force Windows 10 into the advanced mode.
If you could get there, there's lots of options you can try!
Advanced Startup Options - Boot to in Windows 10
1. Press and hold the power button on your PC until it powers off.

2. Press the power button on your PC to turn it on.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 above until you see Please wait during boot like below. Usually it may take repeating up to 3 times.
This looks interesting.:wink: I've seen you post this before. It's certainly worth a try. I haven't yet tried Option #6 on a W10 login screen that's stuck at the password screen just like this one. It could also be a corrupted User Profile, and there are fixes for that if the OP can get into SAFE MODE as suggested above by neemobeer. OP could also take the computer to a repair shop and pay to have the Tech retrieve the W10 password or reset it. I'd probably vote for a Windows in-place upgrade repair, or Windows reset/Windows reinstallation from factory media, after BACKING UP ALL PERSONAL DATA TO EXTERNAL MEDIA FIRST OF COURSE!!

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Hey @BIGBEARJEDI Getting into safe mode would be great, but I'm thinking they can't or haven't been able to yet.
I'm going to post a little tip here about safe mode (F8). How you can get the old F8 feature back for W10. This is some thing I have done and it works like a charm. I need my safe mode for trouble shooting!
Here's how!
Type — or copy and paste — the following into the Command Prompt window and press the [Return] key:

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

You should now be able to enter Safe Mode when restarting Windows 10 by pressing [F8].
After doing a search I see I already created a thread about this here.;) Oh well. This is better and gives you away yo undue the procedure.
It will add a few seconds to startup, but to me getting to safe mode is very important, and I'm just not in that big a hurry!
How to program W10 Safe mode!
Frustrated to the max. I have tried most everything listed above except for 2 items:
1. I have not tried a clean direct install of Win 10... That is today's task.
2. I never could find a "compatibility test" download to test the compatibility. Pointer anyone?
This could be due to a corrupt user profile. You may be able to boot into the recovery console > command prompt > and enable the built-in administrator account. If you can login to this account then it would probably be easiest to create a new account and move your data over.

  • From the recovery mode command prompt
  • Type net user administrator /enable:YES
  • Reboot and see if you can login as administrator