Windows 10 Win 10 update hangs at win 10 login


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@Gary: Your link in POST #19 is a little bit confusing on where to find the COMPATABILITY TEST, and how to run it. <sorry!>. I posted the link below for the OP as it is easier to figure out, IMO. I also prefer running the actual Win10 COMPATIBILITY TEST itself rather than the Win8.1 Upgrade Assistant, even though that's supposed to produce identical results. <<<BBJ>>>

Hi PickyBiker:
After checking holdum's link in POST #19, it's very confusing to me as to where to get the Win10 COMPATIBILITY TEST and how to run it. It's useful to know that the Win10 COMPATIBILITY TEST is built in to all Win10 versions within the installer program itself. Here's a useful link, which has a very clear tutorial on how to run the COMPATIBILITY TEST which I have tested myself:
Get Windows 10 app - Check Compatibility Report for Windows 10

This may require you to either repeat the Win7 reinstall and then W10 Upgrade process or the Win10 Clean Install you mentioned you were finally going to try. You should be able to access the COMPATIBILITY TEST from the DVD or USB bootable media you created from downloaded ISO file via Microsoft MCT (Media Creation Tool) website, if you created it properly. **IMPORTANT NOTE: holdum and I have recently discovered that you should avoid using SANDISK brand USB sticks for this purpose, as they have a bug in them that prevents them from being used to create W10 bootable media with the MCT tool from Microsoft.:noway: You can choose any other major brand such as Verbatim, PNY, Kingston, etc. for use with this tool. This particular problem stumped me for almost 2 years.

Post back if you run into any further problems. :encouragement:

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Hi BigBear! Thanks for the help. I saw that link by Shawn and almost posted it. I chose the MS link, but Shawn's is better.
Team work is always good my friend and you are always welcome. Never be sorry BBJ my friend to correct me with a better solution.;) My Dad always said two heads are better then one if they are working together to solve a problem( Or some thing like that)
There are no big ego's on this forum. We are a team.:worship::worship:

Success! downloaded the win 10 install and put it on a USB drive. I deleted the HD partition and did a clean install of win 10 pro using the Win 7 Pro key. Works great. Thanks for all the help@

Yea! Good for you! Thanks for the up date!:up:


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Great to hear!!!



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That's terrific news!! :up: Thanks for posting back and sharing your success!:D We love to hear "thank you's"!:ohyea:

BBJ :onthego:

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