Where to find Win 10 Upgrade Failure Details


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I've tried three times now to upgrade Win 7 Pro to Win 10 Pro, but each attempt has failed with no error code or other details indicating the problem. It just says something like "Upgrade Failed" or "Install Failed" -- and that's all! No indication whatsoever of what went wrong!

With the cut-off day for free upgrades coming in 5 hours, I need to finish this ASAP. But how can I when I have no idea what went wrong? Is there someplace I can look for the details of the failure?

Please help! Thanks!

Well, what kind of errors are you getting from the upgrade? Does it say anything besides "Upgrade Failed" or "Install Failed"? I'm sure I could help, but I'm not sure if your computer is compatible to upgrade to Windows 10.


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Read your message last night, sorry we didn't get back to you in time! Most of us are pretty exhausted with the hundreds of last minute W10 upgraders the last few days.:zoned:

At this point, it's probably moot. However, you can still get upgraded to W10 via Clean Install and purchase of a legit Microsoft product license key. You can download the free W10 install program from here: Windows 10

Be aware that if your computer hardware was built prior to 2009, you could have some difficulties even with the Clean Install. The trick is to have a clean running computer BEFORE you attempt the install or the upgrade. Since the upgrade is no longer an issue, the W10 installer program on the MCT tool will completely erase all the information on your current hard drive, so make sure you have any Personal Data backed up to external media before proceeding with the clean install!

Another thing that will help you get to W10 is to ensure you run the free built-in W10 COMPATIBILITY TEST included in the W10 install program. This program checks for incompatible apps/drivers/hardware BEFORE proceeding with rest of the W10 install. It gives you a chance to correct problems that could stall out your W10 install before it happens. Here's the link to instructions on how to use it:
Get Windows 10 app - Check Compatibility Report for Windows 10

P.S. The cost of get your W10 Pro activated will run you between $80-$205.

Best of luck,:encouragement:

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