Unable to backup to WHS 2011 after Win 10 upgrade


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Aug 20, 2015
I recently upgraded my Win 8.1 Pro to Win 10 Pro. Previously backup to my WHS 2011 was running perfect. After upgrade to Win 10 I encountered problems with the upgrade and had to go back and install Win 8 Pro then Win 8.1 Pro then finally again upgrade to Win 10 Pro. Now I cannot backup as I get an error"an error prevented backup from creating a snapshot of the volumes on this computer. Also I seem to have 3 recovery partitions and 1 EFI system partition all on my C drive. I am almost sure this is causing the error. Also when I expand each recovery partition they show duplicates. When I open the customize backup for this computer it shows a recovery disc, 2 Local Disks and the C disk as well as the other drives on my PC. It seems like I have a big mess and do not where to turn. What shows in Disk Management and my choices in the WHS console do not match. Please anyone with any ideas is much appreciated.
Windows home server was a 32bit stop-gap server and is so out of date that WX must look like something from Mars to it... best of luck with that mate!

  • The new recovery partition is a normal part of the Windows upgrade process and you could delete it if thats your choice
  • I'm not aware of a w8 to w8.1 pro licence... the normal parth is w8 - w8.1 or you can have a pro key for 8.1 and log it from the control panel
Screenshot (150).png

  • Again 1 efi partition per computer is normal Windows so not a bug
  • I would assume your WX install is a new account... at the very least the remote manager needs to be turned on from the WX services panel (default is off) and you may need to trust the host file if this is a workgroup-senario?
    Screenshot (151).png
  • p.s Ask yourself, why did you need to re-install w8... isn't the point of having a back up that you can boot to it when shit happens? I recommend giving the WHS a nice funeral then invest in Acronis * and a basic nat option to store the images on eg, Seagate Central gives you 2t for under $200 and I'm pretty sure Western digital has something as well
* What ever other backup software floots your boat... at the very least something that can boot from the images it makes.
I applied the Windows EUFI fix that I had tried last time and it didn't work. This time I installed it again and after a couple of reboots to client and server got the connector installed on the client and the backup is running. Thanks for your help and comments.
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