Method of installation to use


Hi, i am changing the motherboard on this computer of mine as one of the RAM slots and a PCI-E slot have stopped working. I have OEM version of Win 7 which i upgraded to Win 10 on this. I had also created a USB media for Win 10.
Looking at some of the forums, i can see that some people say that the COA key is somehow in the BIOS and when doing a clean install it shouldn't ask for a COA key. My issue is i am changing the motherboard.
Should i be installing a clean install from USB or should i try to install Win 7 and then wait for the upgrade message and then do it that way.
Just not sure if this will cause some problems with my OEM key.


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A few months ago I had to replace a motherboard and called Microsoft to see if I could just do a clean install with win 10. I was told I would have to put windows 8 back in since that is what I had before windows 10. they might have changed that I don't know but call Microsoft and ask them . My guess is you will have to put Win 7 back in and then upgrade to 10. Once you put Win 7 back in you might be able to use the Media Creation Tool to upgrade to windows 10.