windows 10 cd drive

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    Windows 10 Can't play DVDs on Windows 10

    I upgraded to windows 10 and have downloaded the VCL player, but DVDs still won't play on my laptop!
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    Windows 10 CD/DVD rom missing on Windows 10

    Okay, well i just upgraded to windows ten, and when i go under Devices and Drives my cd rom isnt showing up. Im trying to download Grand Theft Auto 5, which i have recently purchased. But because of this im not able to download it. Anyone know whats up? Thanks
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    Windows 10 Disk Drive Not Showing Up -Windows 10

    I'm using a Lenovo G500 laptop. I'm not sure what is going on but more often than not the CD/DVD drive is not showing up under "Devices and Drives". It does sometimes after I restart the laptop but it seems very random. I created a CD drive shortcut on the desktop hoping that would work. The...