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  1. G

    Internal scheduler error

    I have had 3-4 bsods these past 3-months. Yesterday, while I was using my laptop, the mouse stopped responding. And by responding, I mean it still moved, but it couldn't scroll. And I know it isn't a problem with my mouse. I decided to restart to see if it Will fix the issue, when suddenly, I...
  2. Naz

    Windows 11 Windows 11 Taskbar Glitch [w/ Microsoft Teams] & Covered

    Hello everyone! I am currently facing 2 main issues with my Windows 11 Home taskbar, and they are as below: Issue #1: • When I am in a meeting using Microsoft Teams, (not sharing screen), and I move my cursor to the bottom side of the screen under the taskbar; the taskbar pops out and glitches...
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