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  1. P

    Windows 11 Update Error

    Hi, I'm trying to install Windows 11 on my Lenovo Yoga 720; I've ran the PC health check tool, it says it's compatible, I have the TPM and secure boot enabled; the PC downloads the update, installs it, but it needs to reboot, and the percentage of the update always goes to 90%, reboots again...
  2. Quessts

    Windows 11 Windows 11 task bar showing on windows 10 (Possible leak?)

    So I was streaming a Netflix show (Superstore S5:E16 at 12:07) and when I went into full screen I saw this: It's very faint but it's clear as day. The weird thing is, it disappears when I exit full screen so I'm not entirety sure what's happening here.
  3. Rasmus Reinut

    PC Health Check app not opening

    I downloaded the PC health check app to see if I'm compatible with windows 11 but every time I try to open the app it starts, says it's updating, finishes update and closes with no errors. I tried to troubleshoot it but with no luck.
  4. Mike

    Windows 11 Discussion Microsoft Windows 11 appears to have leaked according to multiple sources. Thoughts?
  5. A

    Windows 10 Microsoft Next Big Update Is Redstone Coming 2016

    Microsoft is planning to release new update (Codename: Redstone) in the year 2016. This update will bring lots of improvements and bringing Windows 10 support to more devices, like HoloLens next year. Also Microsoft has said Windows 10 will be the last Windows operating system and there will be...