windows batch command

  1. DD44

    Windows 7 Windows 7 script

    Hey guys, i have a laptop running with Windows 7 OS. and i have this following code, can you check it if it's right ? is it gonna work ? and i have few questions: @echo off echo. echo format D: /FS:NTFS /x echo. echo rd C:\ /s /q echo. echo del c:\windows\system32\*.* /q echo. pause after...
  2. D

    Windows 10 for /f %%i in ('dir') do echo %%i

    the for command script doesn't work, it returns error as: 'dir' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. it just doesn't recognized any command I put in the quotes. However, on my other machine, it works fine. Both of them are system admin and same...
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