#windows hello

  1. V

    Windows 10 Windows pin activating after 1 min of non use

    Why is my machine requiring it's pin after 1 min of inactivity. The power settings which should control this are set to stay active for 15 mins. It's really very annoying
  2. G

    Application port on Windows

    I have installed the an application which will work over the network. I can not connect this application from other computers. I need to open some port on windows firewall. How can I find this application listening port?
  3. Gerard Joling

    Windows 10 Windows hello problems

    Dear reader, Recently I have purchased a new Surface Laptop. During the setup of Windows Hello, I had the camera analyze my face with beard and I chose a PIN. Every time I opened my laptop in the following time, the system automatically logged in thanks to face recognition. However, I noticed...
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