Gerard Joling

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Dear reader,

Recently I have purchased a new Surface Laptop. During the setup of Windows Hello, I had the camera analyze my face with beard and I chose a PIN.

Every time I opened my laptop in the following time, the system automatically logged in thanks to face recognition. However, I noticed that I could not enter my PIN since a 'security change has taken place'.

Now I have shaved off my beard and Windows Hello does not recognize my face anymore. Meanwhile, I have tried so many times to scan my face that Windows immediately says that I must enter my PIN, and does not try to scan my face.

However, I can not enter my Pin because the message is given there that a change has taken place on the device (see photo).

As you can see on the photo, the option to log in with the password of my microsoft account is not given. I do however know both my PIN and my Microsoft password.

How do I get into my computer without having to reinstall it?

Thanks! (sorry the photo is upside down) 



Windows Forum Team
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At the sign-in screen when asked for your pin there should be a "I forgot my pin" link. That should let you sign in with your Microsoft account.