1. prvnp

    Windows 10 Having INFINITE problems since I switched to Windows 10

    I switched again to Windows 10 a couple of days ago from Windows 7. Previously, I had upgraded to Win 10 when it was launched, but at that time, my laptop was not even able to move the mouse cursor. The OS was so much lagging in every aspect. I reverted to Win 7. But a few days ago, I decided to...
  2. Mir Muneem Ahmad

    Windows 10 Stereo Mix Does Not Work. 'Currently Unavailable'.

    I am using Windows 10. And after the upgrade, My Stereo mix does not work. My intention are to share my video and audio together on Skype, plus I should talk at the same time. Also I want to record games/ or my screen with audio and commentary at the same time while playing or using. For that I...
  3. Uttam Khatri

    Can not see any existing mp3 files in Groove music

    Not able to see or play any mp3 files using groove Music! After setting windows media player as default player, was able to play MP3 and video files on desktop. Same way no Store App is able to play music, most of music apps are crashing.
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