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Mir Muneem Ahmad

New Member
Jan 31, 2016
I am using Windows 10. And after the upgrade, My Stereo mix does not work. My intention are to share my video and audio together on Skype, plus I should talk at the same time. Also I want to record games/ or my screen with audio and commentary at the same time while playing or using. For that I need the Stereo Mix to work. I tried to put Stereo Mix to my Default Device but it says that it's 'Currently Unavailable'. Those bars does not show up when I put it to default device or something else. BUT when i disable microphone it works and when I try to enable microphone it says again the same thing, "Currently Unavailable". Then i got to disable Stereo mix and microphone and then put again the mic on and set it as default device and then the microphone works again. I need to get them both working at the same time.

Due to this Error, every time I try to change the audio setting on Skype, by going to Tools>Options>Audio Settings>Microphone>(Selecting)StereoMix>Save. Doing so, after this I CANNOT place a call on skype. It automatically Cancels down within 2 Seconds. BUT, if I change back to the Microphone option on Skype audio Settings, the call easily get through without any sort of problem.

So I figured out that MY STERIO MIX is causing the MAIN PROBLEM.

I will be grateful, if any of you can assist me to solve this problem Step By Step. Thanks.
Stereo Mix Currently Unavaliable.jpg
Have you tried updating your drivers?
If not, check the Manufacturers Website and see if there is a Driver Update for your PC, if not, then let me know!
If you need help, just tell me the Brand and Model of your PC, and I'll find out for you :D