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  1. jecepede

    Windows 10 Yet Another Windows Media Player Conundrum . . .

    Aloha ! My Moms has a PC with all here photo's on it. When ever she came back from a holiday, she would put the photo's on the PC, sort them out and then watch them with friends on het Sony TV in the livingroom... You guessed it. This mysteriously stopped working... but not entirely ? The...
  2. F

    Windows 10 Application crashes

    I have a recent phenomenon where playing an AVI file in Windows Media Player crashes the player. Other video types work fine. Now, I discovered that I cannot load a JPG file in ArcSoft PhotoBase if an AVI file resides in the same folder. In fact, I tested on a folder with no AVI files and it...
  3. Windows Media Player Alarm Clock using Task Scheduler

    Windows Media Player Alarm Clock using Task Scheduler

    You can create an alarm clock with Windows Media Player in scheduled tasks. Here is the video tutorial and the corresponding thread: