windows server 2019

  1. A

    Domain not available

    All right, folks, so here's the scoop. I set up a Windows domain at my home both for fun and for experience because I am a Systems and Network Administrator by trade which makes admitting that I am having this problem that much more embarrassing. But, in any event, everything worked fine when I...
  2. SchoolAdmin

    Windows Server 2019 restart/network issue

    Hello, I´ve been struggling with this for months. We use WinServer19, NIC1 is incoming network (NIC1 is shared to NIC2), NIC2 is outgoing network where we use static address/settings for organization. Our problem is, when the server restarts or update+restarts, the NIC2 settings will be restored...
  3. Naftali

    Windows server - How to manage Synology NAS using FSRM ?

    How to manage Synology NAS using FSRM? For a school project, I've build a file server using windows server for "permission" et Synalogy NAS to stock folders. I want to know if there have a way to manage my shared folders from my windows server. Each user got folders named by her username, and...
  4. GabrieleMax

    How to specify a GPO to a group of users

    Hi everybody, I followed this guide but in this case the GPO is enabled for all objects in the OU; I need to add different policies to different group of users (I attached two screenshot about it) so I think I should just add, like what you can see in the second screenshot, the needed group...
  5. haaantz

    setup 2 win server in the same network

    guys i have the following topology: how can i make the pc connect to the site1.myambient.local ?
  6. J

    Windows Update Build

    I work for a SCADA energy solutions company and have a question about windows updates. I previously asked about whether or not one can download windows update offline, which I was reffered to Microsoft's website -Microsoft Update Catalog. The question I have is how do we know what build number...
  7. jelliot

    Random Bluescreen Crashes On Server 2019/16 With No Consistent Reason

    Hey I've been struggling with these rather odd and entirely random Blue Screen crashes on my server. I had a hardware upgrade last month and ever sicne then there has been an endless torrent of issues. I have managed to remove a lot of them, 2 errors were due to 2 dead HDD's and another down...
  8. Raul Chiarella

    (Win Server 2019) Slow Read/Write network shared files using SMB protocol

    Hello there! I have a running Windows Server 2019 used as a File Server. He is having a problem: When reading/writing files via network share (SMB Protocol) the request takes a long time to complete... This is happening on Office 97-2003 files, PDFs, Solid Works archives, and some other...
  9. Y

    Windows Server 2019 Server Manager has bugus 169.254 address

    Server manager shows 2 addresses; 192.16.1.x and 169.254.x.x. The first is the valid address, the second I assume is because I always clean install all Windows with the network disconnected. The motherboard, and X299 XPower Gaming AC motherboard has 2 onboard NICS. But I have a 10G PCIe adapter...
  10. saschaluescher

    Audio on a remote Windows Server?

    Hello :) I have a Windows Server 2019 without direct access, so i can only control it remotely. The Server doesn't has a sound card or anything to make sounds, but i need to have audio on this server in order to have music in my live stream which i outsourced on this particular server. So i...