1. zeljko

    Windows 11 Preview Pane and Details Pane are missing in View-Show

    Hi, Preview pane and Details Pane are missing in File Explorer menu View - Show: How to fix this?
  2. ShivamPandya

    Windows 11 Windows Fonts related issue

    I recently reinstalled Windows and have noticed that many of the fonts are difficult to read. I have attempted to fix the issue by using tips found online, such as adjusting the clear type font settings and editing the registry, but nothing seems to be working. I have included an image for...
  3. R

    Windows 11 Windows disk holding onto deleted files | F:\$RECYCLE.BIN

    Hi there! Basically I was searching for certain file and by typing the filename I notice some deleted files appearing in the indexed search results, I open the file location and it's F:\$RECYCLE.BIN, to my surprise several folders and files that I've deleted from the desktop Recycle Bin some...
  4. Gleis

    Screen Flickering after laptop turns on!

    After I turn on my laptop and log in the screen starts flickering and after some seconds it turns black with some green lines etc... After restarting my laptop everything is back to normal. I've tried uninstalling the graphics driver and reinstalling, updating every other driver via 3rd party...
  5. E

    Windows 11 we can't tell if your pc is ready to continue installing windows 11

    Tried installing via the upgrade assistant, and also tried the ISO. I don't want to do a clean Install, but don't know what else to do. I have tried signing up to Windows Insider, but when on the page "Get Started" I sign up and go through all that jargon, and it gets to the restart prompt...
  6. add

    Windows 11 Windows 11 Insider Preview

    Hello, So recently I got this message come up, And started to worry about it. My computer is activated, But says its a Evaluation copy of Windows 11. Is this because its the Insider Preview? Or anything else? Thanks, add