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    Windows 10 How to get folder properties in the command line, similar to wmic datafile for files?

    To get the exact time stamp attribute of a file in the command prompt, I use: wmic datafile where name="D:\\test1.txt" get LastModified Using WMIC is necessary because the dir command can only show minutes. However, wmic datafile only works on files, not folders. I paid attention to using...
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    Windows 11 wmic path CIM_LogicalDevice command become extremely slow

    Hi I'm a Win 11 user, recently I found the wmic command can take me more than 20 seconds. Does anyone know how to fix this? Version: 10.0.22000.675 test.bat echo %time% wmic path CIM_LogicalDevice > 1.txt echo %time% Result: C:\Users\bertl\Downloads\usbdeview-x64>echo 14:44:05.58...