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  1. alic231

    Windows 10 32-Bit OS with a 64-Bit Processor

    Hey guys, so my dad had bought Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit but we only installed the 32-Bit version. I am now trying to upgrade to the 64-Bit version. I've already checked and made sure that my computer can run it, and it can. I need help figuring out how to upgrade it without having to buy it all...
  2. A

    Windows 7 SOLVED - 32bit Windows working, x64 not

    Hi, I have an older laptop from Lenovo (X201 Tablet 3113) without UEFI bios. 32bit version of Windows (doesn't matter if it's 7,8 or 10) works fine, but when I try to install a 64bit version, it gets stuck on the "loading windows" screen. I've tried to cheat this with a "all in one" DVD...