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Sep 27, 2009
The game is over - Microsoft won.

Windows 7 may have reached the top of the food chain because the "packman power pellets" created by companies that wrote software to run on Windows have all been gobbled up. Windows Security Essentials ate the last big one when it ate the AV power pellet. There are only a few crumbs left laying around like these:

1. A Backup program that would make a bootable backup.

2. A feature in email to bounce back spam so your address would be removed by the spammer... would be MUCH easier than trying to track and build a database of spammers and sort your junk mail for you.

3. A registry optimizer/defragger -- Regedit used to have a /fix and some kind of rebuild feature... I don't know where that went ? I've read that when you back up your registry it sorts and optimizes. Then, if you replace your original with your backup you have an optimized registry.

4. Improve the driver upgrade option to actually LOOK for new drivers rather than just say this one is sorta working... didn't find anything newer.

5. Option to remove/disable all your autorun options and bho's .. and turn off ALL scheduled tasks at once. Yeah you can do all that manually... but there should be a popup at every bootup asking "Do you want your computer to run fast and stable?" When you say yes it knocks out the crud.


Problem: Lost/unstable Internet Connection

Solution 1. Disable ALL tasks in Task Scheduler. If that works, enable the ones you want.

Solution 2: Try this automated tool "Fix for me"


Solution 3: Disable the IP Helper service:

1. Click "Start" and enter "services.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter

2. Scroll down to the IP Helper service, right click on it and select Properties

3. In the dropdown box that says "Automatic" or "Manual", set it to Disabled and then click on "Apply"

4. Click Ok and Reboot


Problem: Aero peek stopped working
Solution: Click "Start" and type and enter "ap" to enter the appearance menu. Click "best performance" then go back to "Let Windows choose.."


Windows Virtual PC and XP Mode Windows 7


or here:



Windows in a Box is a freeware utility which regroups all Windows applications, settings and functions to use them right away without browsing the control panel, start menu etc. Try it and be amazed at the features you have available to you under Windows 7.


Why I think it's a BAD idea to partition a hard drive.

At least 1 out of every questions posted on windows support boards are asking how do I get my partition back.

1. A partition is adding one more critical thing that can go bad and cause data loss either by accidentally deleting files or should a bad sector occur where critical partition data is stored... the ENTIRE partition and data on it is lost.

2. A second partition gives people a false sense that their data is backed up. Microsoft gives the impression that your data is backed up safely by putting your system image on another partition... however when the hard drive fails... and ALL hard drives eventually fail, the backup is lost too.

3. Huge hard drives are less than $50 ...that's probably about the same as it cost to pay for partition software. Partition software won't protect your data. An extra hard drive will.

4. It's easy to wipe out important data and even kill your host OS should partitions be expanded larger than your free disk space.


Save online Flash Videos

If you wish to download videos from YouTube and watch them later, offline and without glitches due to slow Internet connection, here is a nice free software which will let you download all the stuff you want from YouTube and all those online services offering free videos.
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