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Sep 27, 2009
How to upgrade Windows 7 rc to rtm

Microsoft doesn't want you to do it but you can. I suppose they want to make sure you don't upgrade the pre release bugs... then call them for help.

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Microsoft rips off Unetbootin

If you read my blogs you probably know that there is a great FREE utility that will create a bootable usb flash drive with the Windows 7 install on it. I also discussed how to use it to build a bootable Win 7 install from the downloaded Upgrade files.

Microsoft has released a tool that lets netbook owners install Windows 7 on their machines using a USB flash drive, sidestepping the usual requirement of a DVD drive.

The free utility, Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, creates a bootable flash drive from a downloaded .iso file, or disk image, of Windows 7 that customers buy and download from Microsoft's online store.

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I suppose Microsoft is trying to deal with the shortage of install disks they pressed. They have the Professional version on pre order.

What's even more astonishing... when you call Microsoft to order the Professional version they recommend you buy the Home Premium version.

How stupid is that? Even the gas stations know to tell everyone they are out of regular and they only have premium after every hurricane. Why doesn't Microsoft recommend you buy the Ultimate version? Apparently the "heads" went on vacation when they finished Windows 7 and sent it to press.... and left the minions to run the show.

What is the world coming to.. first Miley Sirus stops updating to Tweeter and now Microsoft is out of copies of Windows 7? Oh Lord! Help us!


Here is a reg tweak to remove the delay when you mouse over the open programs tabs on the task bar:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
;remove aero mouse over delay
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse]


Windows memory management Vista vs. Windows 7
Opening 70 windows on identical systems side by side under Vista and Win 7
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In my last blog I mentioned the potential energy savings that upgrading to Windows 7 could make.

Today I read that pets (cats and dog) add 2 to 4% to their owner's electric bills. That surprised me.... some folks must be using a hair dryer - a lot - to "fluff" Fluffy. Anyway I read that the average US household pays about $1,500 per year to their electric company.... unless you are the famous environmentalist/energy saver Al Gore who's electric bill is 20 times the average - $30,000 a year.

Where was I? Oh yeah... I was looking at headlines in my Rss reader and found a book titled: Save the planet, eat your pet.

The book claims that pet dogs are bad for the environment and suggests that dog owners should consider doing without, downsizing or even eating their pets to help save the planet. I don't think they actually want anyone to eat Spot but they suggest pet owners swap cats and dogs for creatures they can eat, such as chickens or rabbits.

They say an average dog eats 360 pounds of meat and 209 pounds of cereals a year, giving it a high impact on the planet. But a pair of rabbits can produce 36 young annually, which would provide 159 pounds of meat and help decrease the owner's carbon footprint.

The book also states that owning a pair of hamsters leaves the same carbon footprint as running a plasma television. By the way... California legislators have proposed a ban on energy-hogging HDTVs starting in 2011. Maybe they'll include an exemption if you agree to roast your hamsters... and flush your goldfish.

This breaks my heart.. now we can go to jail for watching TV AND for not paying the $750 Obama health tax fine they are trying to pass.
How did I get so far off topic? I guess this is my blog so ANYTHING that is swirling around in my head is ON topic? I know you are wondering... why doesn't he "grey out" these kinds of comments.


Money tip - Prescription Drugs and Insurance

If you need 90 days of pills, but your insurer covers only 30 days, ask your doctor to substitute "take as directed" instead of "take once a day" on the prescription form.

That makes it hard for the insurance company to calculate how many pills comprise a 30-day supply. You'll be able to get the full 90-day supply filled. (Make sure YOU know how often to take the medication.)