10 meters long for cross cable ?

I wanted to do a p2p connection to my sister pc in the other room which is around 10m just using the cross cable without using hub ... Is this length gonna cause a lot of problem because I heard that if it's longer than 5m then the packet loss will be a lot ... Anyone ?

Technically the maximum length for a CAT5 cross over cable is 100m. So I expect you'll be fine with 10m. At worst you could always make a cable and try it, even if it means temporarily moving one of the computers next to the other and just having a bundle of cable between the two.

In my house I have a 20m CAT-5 cable, and packet loss is not a problem, of-course the speed is slightly reduced because of the length of the cable but not really enough to be noticable! You should have no problems, but ofcourse packet loss will occur but in very small amounts. :)

Thanks for all the replies. Ya, I had made the cable and it works like charm ... Thanks again !

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