Windows 7 9800gtx 512mb x2 SLI on a Old MB (Artificing)


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Jan 19, 2009

AMD 64x2 3800+ 64-bit Win7 (Activated) 2gig DDR 400

I have a old nforce 4 amd/sli Gigabyte K8N-Pro-SLI motherboard... using the latest BIOS that works (F9) dated in 2006... (F10) dated 2008, the board will not post) -- (and of course the latest motherboard drivers are not install, since none are available) and the vista 64bit ones causes blue screens with win7, even installing them w/ vista compatability.

2 BFG Tech 9800gtx Cards Bought brand new - This past weekend From Fry's Electronics.

Using a single card (either one) using Win7 Default Driver From Windows Update, works 100% 1600x1200x32 res (no artificing)

Using SLI (1600x1200x32) LCD Screen 60hz - using the win7 provided drivers using windows update, as soon as SLI is enabled... I get artificing on the screen, red-lines all over the monitor, and the screen bounces up and down -- speratically

Changing the resolution to "anything" under 1400ish x 900ish the arificing stops, and display is 100% perfect.

Games and apps still work 100%, but the artificing is very annoying... currently using 1280x960x32 res but would like to go back to 1600x1200x32

PS.. I have also tried Vista 64bit 181.20 Drivers, and newly posted 64bit 185.20 Drivers, the results are the exact same. "however" -- the least ammount of arificing with windows 7 drivers... a little more artificing with vista 64bit drivers, and I get LOADS of artificing with 185.20 drivers...

Just a heads up, yea i guess ill have to wait till i can find nfroce 4 amd sli - motherboard/chipset drivers... or a new vid driver release... for win7

Windows 7 doesn't have an SLI enabled driver yet I don't think. 185.20 is a hacker created driver and I'm sure your artifacts are because of that. I would use the latest Vista driver and if you want try to use the latest Win7 driver 179.23.
Theres no point installing that second graphics card anyway, you wont see anymore frames per second in games. You need a new cpu if you want to see an improvement,
other solutions
give one to me,
give them both to me,
or just buy a cheap sli mother board processor and ram set of ebay
hmm thats odd i had a similar prob got my OC fully stable under xp for my first card and made a very stable oc on my second gtx 280 but fired up crysis one day and got artifacts galore
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