a disk error has occurred hit ctrl alt del

2 external Maxtor usb drives plugged in when booting I get this message "a disk error has occurred hit ctrl alt del" and the machine a dell xps9100 win 7 64bit will not boot. if I unplug the drives it boots no problem. if I plu either one in I get this message. I tried plugging the drives into my laptop win 7 basic and it boots fine. anyone have a clue why this might happen?:confused:

Joe S

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Is the laptop 32 bit? Is the Maxtor drive supported for Windows 7 64 bit?

the laptop is 32 bit , I imagine the usb drives would be supported by win7 64 bit they were working last week, this is a recent development

just looked up on Maxtor's site and they do not support any 64bit platform nor do they plan to. wow well so much for using these drives as backup... thanks for the help Joe

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