A new one....

PC has been stable for about 4 days(thanks Torrentg) the attached crash happened just now while the PC was idling. Win764 bit........what should I look at or update? Ram is all set to auto (400)


Post the screen shots of CPU-Z memory and spd tabs so I can double check that it's all set well now.

If it is, then you'll have to replace the RAM as it would be defective.

I'll post those up tonight.......its 4x1gb Crucials so they "should" be under warranty but I'll get the info forst.

Here you go.......


Set you VDIMM to 2.0V in the bios (it's memory voltage).

If issues persist, test like this with Memtest86+ 8-10 passes....but it really would mean RAM is defective, regardless of testing.

Heres the weird thing. I just scrolled through the Bios nd it was on 2.0V..I switched it back to Auto. Make any sense?

Ehhh...you can try the voltage on auto to see how it goes...but if you mean auto for all the memory settings, it probably has thrown the timings or frequency off.

In all honesty, the RAM should be perfect at default voltage how you had it set above there, so see how that does...

And if no good....then on to Memtest86+.

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