VIDEO A rather unwanted wake-up call

This cat is getting a rather unwanted wake-up call – from a chirpy budgerigar that sounds like Star Wars robot R2-D2.

The cat is ensconced in a cosy hammock next to a radiator, trying to sleep – but the brave white bird has other ideas.

Despite the fact that it could be killed with one swipe of a paw, it frantically pecks at the cat’s nose and ears while constantly chirping, seemingly desperate for the animal to give it some attention.

But while most cats would get in a right flap about the matter, this one barely stirs. It’s decided that when confronted by a bird sounding like R2-D2 going into meltdown, the best policy is to lie still with your eyes shut and hope it flies off.

So far over 120,000 YouTube users have watched the feathered alarm clock in action.

You can see the sleepy-cat-hating budgie strutting its stuff below:

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