Windows 7 Action Center not connecting


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Jan 23, 2009
I was having problems with the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service crashing. Within a day there was a notification in the action center witth a solution.(The same way I learned how to fix the *.msi install problem.)
The problem is that when I click on the link in the action center, the window pops up with.
"Opening Solution"...then
"contacting autobug web service...Please Wait."
"This program cannot display the webpage"

All my other internet apps work just fine, and the action center worked perfectly for the first week.
I turned off my firewall, same deal.

Anyone else having the same problem? any known fixes?
I'm getting a similar problem with random explorer crashes. After every couple of crashes the Action Center will open up, but displays, "This program cannot display the webpage".

Only started today.
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