Windows 7 Add-Ins


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Brothers Label Printer QL-570 works adequately but causes hang-ups in various programs. Can I globally turn off add-ins (how pray tell) or must I do it within each software program it was installed in? How again. Word launched a pop-up stating which add-in was causing the hang-up with a 'turn off' button but that doesn't get me to the the on/off switch for other programs. It loaded itself into Outlook, Excel and Word. Since I've removed it from Word, .doc files now open when clicked from a link in Outlook.

On to Adobe Reader - most open when link within Outlook is clicked but when I click a pdf link within company intranet most of the time it opens but occasionally I get a pop-up, Adobe Reader in the title bar and the message " A drawing error occured". No clue what to do on this one.

i think the PDF problem might be linked to firefox... i had that problem that when i went to view a pdf file from firefox it wouldn't load, but the same file from IE worked fine.