Adminisrative privledges error message

After installing the Win7 upgrade I had a problem opening up document shortcuts to various programs. In other words if I try to open a png file in Adobe Fireworks I get this error message:

"Your user priviledges do not allow Fireworks to update your registry. Launch and Edit with Dreamweaver will not work properly until Fireworks is launched while using Administrative privileges."

It was working fine before I updated Win7. I kept some programs like Adobe cs4 installed while I updated. I can open Fireworks first and then open the document. But that's an extra click I want to keep eliminated.

Anyone else have an issue like this? Any ideas?



New Member
Resolved! I'd checked the user profile section and saw that we can choose different levels of user notifications now?!?! At first I just moved one notch, but the message remained until I turned it completely off. Then it worked fine.:confused:

Glad to see it working.
Maybe the errors are to prevent unexperinced users from doing harm to the software.

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