Windows 7 ADT Home Security: “Unfortunately, they time our calls so we have to be as quick as we can.”


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ADT is a home and business security service that provides high-tech home monitoring in the event of private property intrusion or break-in. They are one of the largest in the US, and their systems range from wired solutions to WiFi ones. In the US, they also hold several government contracts.

I have been a customer since earlier in the year when someone broke into my home and committed vandalism. Fortunately, I wasn’t there, or a fight to the death may have ensued.

I use ADT to protect my home, and all of my high tech computer gear from theft.

The idea of home security has advanced a lot since the 90s, and even the last decade. Now it is possible to buy motion detectors and security monitoring equipment at computer stores relatively cheap, and with the new technology now available, it is possible to have motion sensors, window sensors, and door sensors installed without wires. These devices use lithium ion batteries, just like cellphones, and use wireless radio transmission to communicate to the command console. The command console may use wireless cellphone towers to send transmission data to the company’s customer service representatives, as well as their monitoring team if an alarm goes off. Information security has advanced to a wireless era thanks to advances in batteries, energy storage, and wireless transmission.

Ever since installing ADT, I have been having problems with this service, and their customer support has always rushed me off the phone. These problems have ranged from door openings not being detected, to the motion sensor not working, and to having no noise even come out of the main security console. Well, now I know why I have been rushed off the phone for months, straight from the horse’s mouth:

“Unfortunately, they time our calls so we have to be as quick as we can.”​

My logic tells me that people who are worried about protecting their family or private property from crime should think twice about a company that has this type of policy. After working with this customer service representative, Thomas, for nearly an hour, I thanked him for his help and informed his supervisor I was thankful as well.

ADT customers, or people who are planning on buying home security solutions, should be careful with this company. If your security system goes down, your call will be timed, and so the service representative is under enormous pressure to get you off the phone as soon as possible. Before speaking to Thomas, I had spoken to another agent, who, after 15 minutes, had concluded that all of the problems must have been my fault, but that a tech would be sent out to fix it. She sighed, seemed annoyed, and if I worked for a company that pressured me to kick people off the phone for wanting what they paid for, I would be too.

Now, thanks to the help of someone who just didn’t give a damn about "policy", and rushing off the phone to save money, I know that my security console is probably defective (It is now constantly displaying a Failed Connection alert and beeping as it has done since the 2nd day it was installed, just sporadically).

I also know that I’ll be changing who I do business with as soon as it is possible for me to do so. Because not only are they timing their employees calls, but when it comes to my own personal security, they are timing my calls as well. Their time is up!

This is a business practice that is completely unethical for company that claims they have existed for 131 years. Hmm... so the company also predates the telephone.. now I understand.

"Let us provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the #1 security company in America is helping protect your home and family, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For over 131 years, ADT has been the most respected name in the security business." Not really, for so much as I can tell!

If you would like to hear this disclosure, simply check out the MP3 below. I have left out most of the call, which involves me running around and testing their broken system for an hour.

“Unfortunately, they time our calls so we have to be as quick as we can.” - ADT​

Be warned!

(This is an opinion expressed solely by the writer and not necessarily anyone else at I now get to listen to an intermittent beeping noise, even while I'm sleeping, for the next 2 days.)


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