Windows 7 AFDS Keynote: Herb Sutter - Heterogeneous Computing and C++ AMP


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Herb Sutter introduces the AMD Fusion Developer Summit 11 crowd (and the world!) to Microsoft's view on heterogeneous computing in the concurrency age and introduces one of Microsoft's upcoming technologies for democratizing GPGPU/APU/Multi-Core/Many-Core programming for native developers: C++ Accelerated Massive Parallelism or C++ AMP. Look for C++ AMP and associated tooling in the next version of Visual C++.

Big thanks to AMD for generously providing Channel 9 with this outstanding content!
Herb and the C++ AMP team state: C++ AMP will lower the barrier to entry for heterogeneous hardware programmability, bringing performance to the mainstream. Developers will get an STL-like library as part of the existing concurrency namespace (whose Parallel Patterns Library – PPL- and its Concurrency Runtime – ConcRT- are also being enhanced in the next version of Visual C++) in a way that developers won't need to learn a different syntax, nor using a different compiler.
C++ AMP is an open specification.
You learned in the C++ Renaissance conversation with Mohsen Agsen and Craig Symonds that the C++ team was on a path of innovation. C++ AMP is a concrete example of what Mohsen and Craig were talking about.

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