Alternative software to Drag Lock to constrain mouse movement in one direction (eg. horizontal, vertical, diagonal)


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Aug 30, 2021
Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a software (or workaround) alternative to DragLock. DragLock is quite intuitive and works well in most situations when you'd want the mouse to move in a straight horizontal or vertical line.

The issue however is that the intermediate movement of the mouse under DragLock until you reach your destination, can be a little jittery. So when using it for a purpose such as drawing a straight line with the Pencil tool in MS Paint, it doesn't work satisfactorily as I'd expect (screenshot in a picture below). I have done a deep online search but haven't yet found a suitable solution.

In the DonationCoder Forum discussion here user @IainB mentioned a Synaptics touchpad software that could help constrain the mouse motion. I can't seem to find that either.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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