Windows 7 AMD's L3 cache better than intel's speed?


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I was going to upgrade my gaming gig.

Right now, i have Mobo M3A78-EM, CPU AMd Phenom X4 9550.

I'm thinking of going to the "dark side", with intel. I would get P5QL-ME or P5QL-SE (not sure yet which), with CPU q8300.

Both CPUs are quad. My actual CPU runs at 2.2 ghz (i don't like the idea of OCing) while q8300 runs at 2.5 Ghz. But it seems that while my actual CPU has 4mb L2+L3 cache, Intel's has 4 mb L2. (it seems to lack of L3).

I'd be honest: I ingore in which way does the L3 cache (or it's lack of it) affect performance.

For same price, AMD's mobo looks way better (perhaps i'd upgrade to phenom II, perhaps stay with my actual CPU, depending on my budget).

So, as a gamer should I stay AMD upgrading the mobo to M4A78-PRO or go Intel?


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the problem of choice these days is that AMD is best bang for bucks, but INTEL's higher end chips rule the benchmarks... personally I tend to aim for a certain frame rate i want in a game then build to that spec, it's never easy lol, I used to be brand loyal but these days I find myself jumping brands each build. All I can suggest is check out the numerous benchmark guides on places like Tom's Hardware and Guru 3d and and see what sort of hardware benchmarks scores your candidate hardware is getting, and it's only really worth changing brands IF the gains are 10%+ otherwise it's pointless as a small overclock can amount to that.
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As Highwayman suggests the more you read and check up the better. Also whilst it's true that Intel currently rules the roost benchmark wise when it comes down to actual real world gaming (depending on the chip) there is not much to tell apart frame rate wise with the two chip makers.
Just to add to the list of sites which you might find useful is this one: nVIDIA Geforce 480 470 285 260 9800 275 295 GT GTX AMD ATI Radeon HD 5870 5850 5770 4890 X2 - Guru of 3D: PC Hardware Reviews
It contains many stats and reviews which can help in your study..


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So, as a gamer should I stay AMD upgrading the mobo to M4A78-PRO or go Intel?

CPU AMd Phenom X4 9550 is no slouch. Besides, you will probably be able to install Phenom x6 after upgrading your BIOS. I'd stay with your current rig.

L2 and L3 Cache won't give you MUCH in gaming. :) Video card matters much more.


Level 3 cache is a memory bank built onto the motherboard or within the CPU module. The L3 cache feeds the L2 cache, and its memory is typically slower than the L2 memory, but faster than main memory. The L3 cache feeds the L2 cache, which feeds the L1 cache, which feeds the processor.


AMD vs Intel:


3D Now! MMX MMX + SSE SSE2 SSE3 SSE4.AMD x86 x64



SSE & SSE2 are mostly used in games

AMD vs Intel as 3D Now! (~150) vs SSSE3+SSE4 (~150)