Windows 7 Angel Stone gameplay leak extremely attractive play in your browser

Ling Ling

As we reported earlier, Angel Stone is the latest project from Fincon - father of turn-based game hit cult Hello Hero. In addition to the trailer was released, there is no more pictures of the title game was revealed.

However, in the event GDC 2015 Game Developers past, Korean blockbuster RPG unexpectedly leaked gameplay video of the guy playingAngel Stone on Facebook browser. This was quite a surprise move this game was quite quiet since it was announced.

Section gameplay leaked

Through this video, some information has been revealed about the game, which will be a game action role-playing "tight guillotine" for iOS, Android and Facebook even more on your browser. Stone Angel will have three character classes that players can choose the Berserker, Gunslinger and Shadowmage, with the two gender for each character class.

Currently there is no specific information about the time of issuance Stone Angel . All information is our latest update to you in the following article. Note welcome to read offline!
Author: Liigg News