Windows 7 Animated Backgrounds?


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First off hello all!! First post here, was wondering if or how you can get animated backgrounds to work on Windows 7, I"m assuming you can since its the "ultimate" addition I know Vista Ultimate has animated backgrounds. Thanks!:)
Go to the following link it will explain how to install Dreascapes in Windows 7.

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Got to warn though, if you get working then please how cause I did everything I think right and I don't see it anywhere!!!
I suddenly wonder if that was all wishful thinking and no substance. Cause if it was as easy as he claimed and wrote I assume that one or both of us would have had it working. Now there is always Stardocks Deskscapes, though I have yet to try it under Windows 7, I will try it Wednesday and let you know.
well I went through what that guy wrote and it did not work. I am now kinda worried as to what that file actually does. Anyways deskscapes works perfectly. =-D

ok played around with deskscapes and found out that the demo (allows 3 dreams only) works like a beautiful charm. I then decided to uninstall the demo and install full version. Once full one is installed it says that my Desktop windows manager is not on or installed. I looked at the forums at wincustomize, tried a few fixes that helped vista users, but no luck. It must work cause the demo works great for me. if anyone has tried something different let me know. I really miss my fish dream T_T
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I just downloaded it and it worked nearly perfectly. ;) Thanks for the heads up on that tip. Anyway, I'm going to write up an article on how I got it working (3 steps more or less). One note, you cannot change wether it stretches the video or centers it, it will stretch and crop to fill the screen no matter what you do.
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I installed it and it's working great except I can barely read the desktop icon text. Barely a problem since I don't generally keep things on the desktop and if I do i know what it is.

but yes...WORKING

thanks for the heads up.
ok I decided to reinstall with 32bit win7 instead of 64bit. The original suggestion works great for me now. I am still having trouble with deskscapes working. now I just need to find some good dreams in wmv or mpg format.

Works on 32bit
Exploding Win7 Desktop

Hey guyz I got the Dreamscape Runng llike a CHARM here is a Pic I did of it in Motion...

worked fine for me just installed right clicked a .wmv file and chose use for desktop background altough i coudent find a video for 1680x1050 so i didnt use it... oh and also text really hard to read
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